Mega boobs queen of Liverpool Charlotte Fox

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I absolutely hate twitter I've got to be honest. There's just so many dumb, opinionated and self righteous pricks on there. The website seems to attract a particular type of arsehole that I can't stand. The only saving grace for the place is my wonderful followers and the vast bounty of busty beauties both amateur and professional.

Since I'm not very active on there a ton of girls do fly under my radar from time to time. A little while ago I noticed one of my followers had retweeted a gorgeous busty young lady. Possessing the best pair of tits I have seen in a very long time I decided to dig a little deeper and try to find out more about this stunning woman.

Charlotte Fox is a webcam model from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Boasting incredible 38H tits, blonde hair  and a beautiful curvy body. I was instantly enchanted by her and I must say horny as hell.

I had a read through her tweets and it's clear she care's about her fans unlike some ladies on there. Charlotte seems really down to earth which is something really important. You can have all the looks and boobs in the world but if your personality is shit it means nothing.

I am a certified fan of Charlotte Fox now and urge any lover of the busty female form to check her out on . In the mean time allow me to wet your appetites a little. Here's some great photographs of who I now regard as the mega boobs queen of Liverpool, Charlotte Fox!

Here's a sexy video clip of Charlotte Fox





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